LAKAN Releases Debut Womenswear Collection

The March 2023 collection is inspired by the vibrant culture and aesthetic of New Orleans, home of the brand’s flagship studio. With a juxtaposition of layers, colors and textures, the collection is crafted with an organic hand of fabrics, featuring lofty, luxurious linens and linen blends, sustainably harvested raw silks, and tropical wools. 

Luxury Fashion Brand Opens Flagship Studio in New Orleans

Conceptualized by founder Lakan Golden, the studio’s interior design encapsulates the laissez-faire essence of the New Orleans culture, honoring the natural openness of the space while incorporating intimate spaces for conversation and thoughtful wardrobe curation.

New Orleans-Based Designer, Lakan Golden, Introduces Signature Made-to-Measure Womenswear Label

Lakan Golden is a New Orleans-based designer whose style is renowned for fusing classicism and modernism. Informed by her extensive work in custom menswear, her style has transcended into a thoughtfully-curated, made-to-measure womenswear collection under her own signature label.