LAKAN Releases Debut Womenswear Collection

LAKAN Releases Debut Womenswear Collection

NEW ORLEANS, LA – LAKAN has released its March 2023 womenswear collection, conceptualized by designer, Lakan Golden. The brand's debut collection features a curated selection of silhouettes influenced by Golden's distinctive style that fuses classicism and modernism.

The March 2023 collection is inspired by the vibrant culture and aesthetic of New Orleans, home of the brand’s flagship studio. With a juxtaposition of layers, colors and textures, the collection is crafted with an organic hand of fabrics, featuring lofty, luxurious linens and linen blends, sustainably harvested raw silks, and tropical wools. 

Embracing elegant French blues, punchy chartreuses and intriguing ivories complemented by the earthy sophistication of Spanish terracotta, the color palette is intended to evoke a sense of place and history while offering a fresh, modern take on classic hues.

The silhouettes in this collection display modern, feminine lines and detailing, such as the signature curved lapel, single hand-bound buttonholes, and sartorial takes on Old World waistbands, all with artful interiors and pocketing styles that are well-appreciated by the wearer.

Encapsulating the theme of movement and transcendence, the silhouettes in this collection are a nod to the brand’s overarching creative direction – Styles that move with you – conceptualized by Houston-based brand consulting firm, the GT Studio.

“With this collection, I wanted to be very thoughtful to craft timeless pieces that can move and travel with us,” said Golden. “Each silhouette in this collection is carefully constructed to perform and improve fit over time, with hand-tailoring in key areas of movement for optimal functionality and form. This campaign represents the idea that these looks are meant to be lived in, with silhouettes that are intended to layer fearlessly and move with the wearer through her everyday pursuits from season to season.”  

The March 2023 collection is available in made-to-measure silhouettes, with a select sampling of garments available as ready-to-wear. The collection is now available to experience in-person at LAKAN’s New Orleans studio and online at In-studio fittings and design experiences will be available by appointment only Monday-Friday with select availability on Saturdays. Virtual fittings and consultations are also available by appointment only.

Images courtesy of: Chris Scheurich